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Supporting NDIS Support Coordinators for Simply Better Care: A Collaborative Approach

Jul 26, 2023 | Support Coordinators

As an NDIS provider, Simply Better Care understands the vital role Support Coordinators play in helping NDIS participants achieve their goals and improve their well-being. To better support these dedicated professionals and collectively deliver exceptional services, we have taken a closer look at the challenges they face on a daily basis.

We started by asking:

  • What challenges were impacting their ability to serve their clients better?
  • How could we assist in resolving or improving these things?
  • What policies and processes do we have in place to better accommodate our Support Coordinators?

By identifying these hurdles, we aim to enhance our own service delivery and ensure Support Coordinators have the tools and resources they need to succeed. After all, our goals are the same – to help our clients gain access to the services and support they need to achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

In this blog post, we address the common challenges faced by Support Coordinators and how Simply Better Care is committed to providing effective solutions and delivering a collaborative partnership.

Challenges Faced by Support Coordinators:

1. Time Constraints:

Participants’ limited funding often leads to time pressure for Support Coordinators.

NDIS Participant funding often doesn’t last long enough for Support Coordinators to fully complete the functions of the role. Often feeling they have to do the work of others within the system, with work not being completed competently.

Obviously, this eats into the limited time budgets they have been allocated. The flow-on effect to the Support Coordinator is added stress as they work to deliver their clients the support they need to achieve their goals.

Our Solution:

  • Simply Better Care completes tasks efficiently and as anticipated
  • Delivering regular updates on client progress
  • Support Coordinators have access to shift notes and support schedules to help them stay on top of their clients’ progress

2. Financial Concerns:

An oversaturated NDIS provider market can lead to uncertainties about service quality and budget management.

There are many providers who are committed to delivering quality services and dedicated to seeing NDIS participants achieving their goals and independence. But equally, there are providers who are less committed and diligent.

Our Solution:

  • Support Coordinators have access to our network of partners who are renowned service providers and allied health professionals
  • Ensuring transparent invoicing and responsible use of NDIS funding
  • We share invoices and payment history approved by the client

3. Effective Communication:

Quality care requires seamless communication among all stakeholders.

Simply Better Care maintains proactive communication by co-designing care plans, providing regular updates, and sharing contact information for carers and clients.

Our Solution:

To ensure excellent communication is maintained, Simply Better Care are proactive about:

  • Meeting the client and developing up to date Help/Care Plans that includes and welcomes the input from Support Coordinators
  • Providing regular updates on our clients progress towards reaching their goals
  • Providing Support Coordinators access to shift notes and support schedules
  • Providing Support Coordinators access to, and the communication details of, their clients’ carers
  • Co-designing disaster and contingency plans for vulnerable clients
  • Notifying Support Coordinators about important meetings promptly
  • Meeting at agreed intervals and reviewing plans together

We understand that some conversations can be difficult. We hope to pre-empt these through a focus and commitment to always delivering quality services. However, we highly value communication and endeavour to create an environment and relationship with our Support Coordinators whereby they will feel free and able to raise any issues or concerns with us.

4. Streamlined Processes:

Support Coordinators benefit from good documentation and well-managed care plans.

Documenting client journeys, managing resources, schedules and coordinating the personalised care plans are a key role of the NDIS provider.

Our Solution:

  • Simply Better Care’s Business Manager, Ahmed Imran, ensures effective communication, systems, and processes for streamlined service delivery.

5. Emotional Well-being:

The Support Coordinator role can be emotionally demanding and isolating.

We have seen how exhausting the Support Coordinators role can be. It can be difficult to keep up the optimistic, and collaborative mindset needed for delivering the best support to clients.

Our Solution:

  • By valuing the role of Support Coordinators, aiming to alleviate the pressures they may have experienced elsewhere.
  • Collaboratively addressing any systemic barriers that can be resolved together.
How we can support our NDIS support coordinators

How we can Support the Wellbeing of NDIS Support Coordinators

6. Dedicated Support:

Support Coordinators seek an NDIS provider that exceeds expectations and provides ongoing support.

We want to see Support Coordinators having a great experience with us. To find us as a suitable provider that not only matches the needs of their clients, but also exceeds their expectations. We realise this can only happen by intentionally valuing and supporting them in their role as best we can.

Our Solution:

  • Simply Better Care is committed to valuing and supporting Support Coordinators, fostering a collaborative relationship to deliver simply better care.

At Simply Better Care, we recognise the dedication and challenges faced by Support Coordinators daily. By understanding their needs and addressing the hurdles they encounter, we aim to create a supportive environment for all our partners. As an NDIS provider, we strive to go beyond expectations and deliver quality services that match the unique needs of participants while ensuring Support Coordinators feel empowered and valued.

If you are a Support Coordinator in the Logan region seeking a collaborative partnership that puts the well-being of participants first, we invite you to reach out to Simply Better Care. Together, let’s deliver exceptional care and make a positive impact in the lives of NDIS clients.