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NDIS Nursing and Registered Nurses

NDIS Assistance with Housework
Logan Community Nurse

NDIS Community Nursing Care is available to eligible NDIS participants whose NDIS Plan includes capacity building for community nursing services.

This service offers help for general nursing care to maintain your health, wound management, assistance with chronic conditions or for hospital-type care outside of the hospital. Our nurses can also help with treating any of your existing health concerns.


You can access one of our registered nurses for in-home nursing care.

Qualified NDIS Nurses


Professionals in the nursing field, delivering optimum care with compassion and sensitivity.

Our qualified community nurses visit you in the comfort of your home providing caring and skilled nursing care. This service acts as a bridge between you and the various medical providers involved in your care.

Our focus on delivering Simply Better Care is evidenced in your nurses’ attention to your personal needs and preparedness to listen to you, to better understand how you are feeling, on top of assessing the best type of clinical care you need

NDIS Community Nursing inclusions

Our community nursing service is tailored to suit your individual health care needs.

The aim is for our team of nurses to support you as you live independently in your own home while receiving excellent clinical care.

Some examples of the nursing tasks available include:

Medication administration & supervision
Assessment of medications and supplement usage
Tube feeding assistance
Continence assessment and recommendations
Post operative care
Blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar levels monitoring
Catheter care and management
Wound care
After hospital stay follow ups
Diabetes management
Palliative care support

Our team of nurses are respectful of your rights to dignity, cultural sensitivities and privacy during their care delivery process. They are professionals in the nursing field delivering optimum care and sensitivity.

What happens if my NDIS Plan doesn’t include nursing services?

In order for your nursing care to be funded under the NDIS your NDIS Plan must first include Capacity Building in it.

If you receive nursing care services that are not part of your NDIS Plan then you will need to fund those services yourself or receive them through the State health care system.

NDIA assistance with dishes and chores
NDIA assistance with dishes and chores

Which nursing services does NDIS fund?

The types of services that can be included in your plan are those that would contribute to your ability to live independently.

All NDIS funded nursing services must: 

  • be related to your disability
  • contribute to your long term wellbeing
  • be delivered by a nurse and
  • be limited in time.

The NDIS won’t fund nursing services that:

  • can be funded under the state health care system
  • are not directly related to your disability.
  • are not required to be delivered by a qualified nurse
  • are not considered ‘capacity-building’ that is, they don’t contribute to your independence or build up your skills towards independence

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NDIS Community Services FAQ

What is the role of a primary and community nurse?

Primary and community nurses play a critical role in healthcare by providing essential healthcare services to individuals within their communities. They focus on preventive care, health education, and the management of chronic conditions. These nurses often work in outpatient settings, clinics, and home care, aiming to improve overall health and well-being.

What do nurses do in NDIS?

Nurses in the NDIS may provide a range of healthcare services to NDIS participants. Their responsibilities can include assessing health needs, developing care plans, administering medications, providing wound care, managing chronic conditions, and offering health education and support to individuals with disabilities.

What is NDIS in healthcare?

NDIS in healthcare refers to the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the context of healthcare services. It is an Australian government initiative that provides funding and support to individuals with disabilities to access necessary healthcare and disability-related services, with the goal of improving their quality of life and independence.

What are the three areas of NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) focuses on three primary areas:

  • Supports for Daily Living: This includes assistance with daily tasks, personal care, and household chores aimed at promoting independence and well-being.
  • Participation in the Community: This area encompasses supports that help individuals engage in social, recreational, and community activities, fostering inclusion and participation.
  • Capacity Building: Capacity building supports the aim to enhance an individual’s skills and abilities, enabling them to achieve their goals, access education and employment, and lead a more fulfilling life.

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