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Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation and Homes

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There really is no place like home. That’s why we are here  to help you find the place where you belong, can connect with others and enjoy a safe and supportive, independent lifestyle in Logan.


You can live life with independence and confidence.

Find the Best Specialist Disability Accommodation in Logan


Developing the skills and capabilities you need to live life as independently as possible – with Simply Better Care.

The team at Simply Better Care has the knowledge and expertise to help you plan the most suitable disability accommodation or independent living options arrangement with ongoing support services.

You and your family will be present with a number of options from which you can choose the  best accommodation that ticks all your boxes. Most importantly, you are in control which ensures you are in a position to live your life the way you most enjoy.

After choosing the home you would prefer to live in, you can then decide on those support systems you need in place so you can continue developing the skills and capabilities you need to live life as independently as possible.

Learn more about Supported Independent Living homes in Parke Ridge, Beenleigh, Loganlea and Springwood.


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Live Your Life with Independence and Confidence

Imagine having the opportunity to live how you want to live, where you want to live and with whom you want to live. The support of your family and friends will be backed up by our team of Simply Better Carers. Ready to support you around the clock and offer you a helping hand whenever you want us to.

Independent living support services means our Home care team can provide assistance with daily life activities and routines such as:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Personal hygiene
  • Dressing and toileting
  • Domestic help around the house – inside and out
  • Transportation help to appointments and community activities

And of course, this is always done while remaining respectful of your rights and privacy.

Very kind and caring people don’t do it for money. They are very supportive…

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For an NDIS provider who delivers better care with a personal touch.

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NDIS Supported Independent Living FAQ

What is an example of supported independent living?

An example of supported independent living (SIL) is a shared accommodation arrangement where individuals with disabilities live together in a supportive environment. They receive assistance from support workers to manage daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care while maintaining a level of independence and choice in their daily lives.

What is the difference between SDA and SIL?

The main difference between Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) lies in their focus:

  • SDA relates to the physical housing environment, including the design and accessibility of accommodation for individuals with extreme functional impairments.
  • SIL, on the other hand, pertains to the support services provided to individuals within their living arrangement, assisting them with daily tasks and promoting independence.

How does NDIS housing work?

NDIS housing involves providing suitable accommodation options for individuals with disabilities. This can include Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for those with high support needs. NDIS participants receive funding to access appropriate housing solutions that align with their specific disability-related requirements. These solutions may involve modifications to existing homes, group living arrangements, or supported independent living.

What is NDIS support with daily living?

NDIS support with daily living refers to the assistance and services provided to participants to help them manage their everyday activities. This support encompasses tasks such as personal care (e.g., bathing, dressing), household chores (e.g., cleaning, cooking), meal preparation, mobility assistance, and other activities essential for daily living. The NDIS offers funding and support plans tailored to each participant’s specific needs in this regard.

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